Carbon Filter Element CTO


LikeFilter LFCB Series Carbon Block Filter is designed with a commitment to superior quality, utilizing NSF-certified carbon right from the raw material stage.This dedication to excellence ensures consistent, reliable performance.
Tailored to meet specific filtration needs, it offers customizable options for effective removal of heavy metals and chloramine. Additionally, it can be adapted to unique size requirements, making it a versatile solution for diverse filtration challenges.

Additional information


Active Carbon



Micron Rating

10um, 5um


As Specified

Technical data

Material Carbon
Type: CTO
Outer Mesh: Polypropylene
Micron Rating: 5um, 10um
Endcap: Polypropylene
Seal Ring/Gasket: None
Iodine: 500/800/1000
MAX Temp: 80℃


  • Mature producing technology.
  • Optional with NSF certificate.
  • No release of carbon fines.
  • Customized service is available.


  • Water filtration
  • Household filtration
  • Commercial filtration

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