Power Plant Pleated Filter Cartridge For Iron Removal

LikeFilter Power Plant Pleated Cartridge is a top-tier solution for power plant condensate filtration of iron removal, extensively used for its superior backwash capabilities and compatibility with systems that don’t require resin precoat. This cartridge expertly handles the critical task of treating boiler feed water and condensate, targeting contaminants like corrosion residues, dissolved salts, and suspended particles.
It removes over 98% of iron oxide and suspends and can withstand more than 300 backwash cycles. Its large filtration area and high dirt-holding capacity lead to greater filtration efficiency. Available in 60″ and 70″ lengths, its robust construction allows for effective backflushing and higher flow capacity. Compatible with a range of chemicals, it offers long service life and cost-effective operation, making it a versatile choice for power plant water treatment.

Additional information


100% Polypropylene


60inch, 70inch

Micron Rating




Technical data

Material Polypropylene
Inner Diameter: 28mm
Outer Diameter: 68mm
Inner core: Polypropylene
Micron Rating: 1/5/10/20/50/100um
Endcap: SOE, Customized
Length: 60/70inch
DP change-out: 1.8-2.4bar
MAX Temp: 80℃


  • Formed by thermal bond without the use of any binders and adhesives.
  • All stainless steel with threaded interface, center pipe, and connecting pieces.
  • High interception capacity of the whole length.
  • Customized structure service to match special project demands.
  • Widely application as pre-filtration for 1-100um particle removal.


  • The power plant Condensation water
  • Boiler water

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