SPA & Pool Filter Cartridge

The LFSP series Spa & Pool filter cartridge is made of high-quality PET fabric, which has much more space to contain contaminants than common fabric and also with high toughness and tensile strength.
The filter cartridge is washable and reusable which makes it more cost-effective.

Additional information




Specified or Customized

Micron Rating



Specified or Customized

Outer Cage

Circle, Netting, None

Inner Core


Technical data

Material PET (Polyester)
Inner Diameter: Specified or Customized
Outer Diameter: Specified or Customized
End Cap Material: Polyurethane (PU)
End Cap type: Specified or Customized
Micron Rating:  1~150um
Length: Specified or Customized
Outer Cage: Circle, netting, none
MAX Temp: 80℃


  • High-quality and durable PET material with strong end caps
  • Pleated cartridge design makes a larger filtration area
  • Flexible end cap types designed to match different projects.
  • Washable and reusable
  • Widely applied filtration for 1-150um particle removal.


  • Swimming pool

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